New Thinking, Better Results

New Thinking,Better Results

Uncommon solutions to common problems

Serving clients from big pharma to start-ups and VCs across all disease areas and sub-specialties. Our innovative processes result in strategic and tactical solutions to your most pressing needs.

Clinical program and new product development

  • Disease area/indication determination, prioritization, and roll-out
  • Clinical development pathway and trial optimization
  • Value proposition development and maximization across all stakeholder needs
  • Exit design and incorporation

Stakeholder engagement and strategy

  • Pressure-testing therapeutic value propositions, to determine how payers will react
  • Payer strategy and market access
  • Regulatory strategy
  • Strategic incorporation of early-commercialization functions

Corporate-level strategy, management, and operations

  • Development of scientific and operational competitive advantage
  • Rationalization and augmentation of the development pipeline
  • Development of strategic alliances
  • Corporate development, partnering, financing

Exit the echo chamber

Most founders and established companies use the same development paradigm that’s been used for decades. Despite dire clinical program failure rates, they follow processes that are inadequate. Why rely on precepts that often turn out to be poor vectors?

Given that each innovative therapeutic and diagnostic is differentiated with great potential, that outdated cookie-cutter approach rarely translates into optimized value for your intellectual property. The echo chamber does not adequately serve conventional ideas, much less breakthrough technologies. We do.

Find the real value in your product

Companies retain Bruckner in the early stage of product development to address a variety of strategic challenges and concerns. We advise our clients on everything from routine to cutting-edge technology across all disease areas, including rare diseases. Here are three client concerns that initiated recent engagements.

Clinical protocols

Our KOLs recommend these clinical protocols for our trials.

  • Is this good to go, or are any changes needed?
  • Is anything missing?
  • Is it on the right regulatory pathway?
  • Is there anything more we should be trying to clinically achieve?

Value proposition

We’re concerned how payers will view our value proposition.

  • What is our current value proposition?
  • How can we improve our value proposition?
  • What access and reimbursement can we expect? What level of revenues could result?

Clinical indications

There are multiple potential clinical indications for our treatment.

  • What should we develop first, second?
  • What are the determinants of this prioritization, including across clinical needs, value delivery, payer access, competition, market potential, resource use and timing?

Elevate your results

Make your clinical trial results mean something. After all, they are the prism through which your new product will be measured by the FDA, payers, physicians, and Wall Street, are its clinical trial results. At Bruckner, we partner with you to develop the foundation for your clinical strategy, so you are targeting the widest possible range of outcomes that will be meaningful to all stakeholders in the marketplace.

Bruckner customizes and structures engagements to help companies — from early-stage startups to Fortune 500. We architect and optimize their clinical and healthcare value development pathways. Our goal is to achieve FDA approval as well as broad access and utilization for clients’ therapeutics.

Bruckner’s deliverables are regularly described as transformative, elevating the prospects for the new therapy and lifting company valuations to new levels.

We believe each engagement should be met with a fresh mind that is free from preconceived notions, an eye for future industry conditions, and a healthy dose of skepticism. Our unorthodox approach is the most comprehensive and brutally honest in the market. It is designed to help you identify blind spots, uncover new opportunities, and crush risk. Bruckner gets your drugs and devices to market with enduring value.